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Island History

In the island of Salina the first settlements date back to prehistoric times, or the Middle Neolithic (late fifth millennium BC) date when the remains of a hut oval found on the plateau of Rinicedda in the village of Rinella, where is situated the Camping & Village. Widely documented is the Early and Middle Bronze Age (second millennium - and of cultures of Cape Graziano Milazzese) with the settlements of Brigadier Serro, Serro Water, Greenhouse Cianfi and doors. The age of Greek and Roman times is demonstrated in various localities of the island groups of tombs with burial dating mainly between the third and II BC In the Roman Empire we see a population increase with the development of residential areas. Remains of houses of this period are still visible in the district Baron, along the shore of St. Marina.

Testimonials Roman languages which are also within the lake are the remains of the structures of ancient salt reused up to 800. Development continued until the age Byzantine and medieval. Around the eighth century A.D.
Salina was one of the most populated because the Aeolian Islands volcanoes were in full swing. The Arab invasion made it empty until around the seventeenth century, populations and activities met new sheen. Salina is the most fertile island of the Aeolian Islands. Here you collect vintage wines from which we get the "Malvasia, a sweet wine, great importance has also the cultivation of capers exported worldwide. The development of the island is also due to the abundance of water and therefore vegetation in 1980 was created the regional park of Salina in 1981 and was incorporated the natural reserve of the two mountains. The prehistoric village discovered in area Portella (San Marino), belonging to the Middle Bronze Age, was already known to the research carried out by Luigi Bernabo Brea and Madeleine Cavalier in 1955. In that year nine huts were discovered that showed oval or circular, the technique of construction reflects the need to adapt to the natural environment. Inside the huts, besides the great fire, the soil is rich in fragments belonging to the vessels destroyed at the time of abandonment, including large jars, Pithoi calls for water conservation. The huts were then covered for their protection. This village inhabited by people of culture Milazzese grows in length. The huts are dug on short ledges mostly on the north side of the ridge which, oddly, for an effect perhaps due to the deep valleys, is more sheltered from the prevailing winds in the Aeolian Islands. It is assumed that, in light of new discoveries, higher terraces of the ridge on the north are occupied by other huts. The village of Portella is revealed as an important settlement like the contemporary villages of Panarea (Cape Milazzo) and Lipari (Acropolis). Our Aeolian Village & Camping takes you back in time to relive the sights offered by nature as they enjoyed the ancient inhabitants of the island of Salina.

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